Jun 29, 2014

Think Like A Marketer: 3 Tips To Boost Your Career Now

My article originally published in Alma Emprendedora, La Revista de la Mujer Que Triunfa:

We spend more time at our jobs than in any other aspect of our lives. So its a no-brainer that in order to obtain the success we want and deserve in our careers, we must take full control of it and let others notice.

Whether you are looking for a new job, changing careers, starting a business, taking your business to the next level or want a promotion at work, put on your marketer's hat and apply these three strategies that marketing departments employ for their products and services:

1. Brand Yourself
A product or service can be great, but if people dont know about it, it wont be sold. The collection of tangible and intangible promotional tactics performed by marketers through time, make up a brand. Building a brand isnt solely for selling products anymore, as you can also build your personal brand for career success. You are creating a personal brand everyday, you know it or not. Taking control of your brand puts you in the driver's seat of your career and lets employers, colleagues and clients have a clear idea of who you are and what value you provide. 

With some effort, free social tools like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn have the potential of promoting your accomplishments and expertise to a wide audience. If you are in the creative field, make sure your work samples are in a SEO-friendly website and in public sharing sites like Slideshare.net . If you want brands to hire you, create a media kit and send to communications agencies and media properties. Make sure all your online branding touch points are up-to-date and match your resume, portfolio and business cards. 

2. Create Content
In order to connect with their target audience in a more relevant and meaningful way, marketers are not only relying on traditional advertising and public relations, but they are taking control of their brands by also becoming content creators themselves. You can too use content marketing to build credibility to position yourself as an expert. The more content you put out there, the stronger your reputation becomes.

Choose a topic you know well, pinpoint the audience that will benefit the most from it and choose the right channel to distribute it. If you are a good writer, get your expert articles published in industry publications or get quoted in articles by adding yourself in the free media-expert service, ExpertLatinos.com . You can also blog regularly for established online sites, like The Huffington Post, by sending an excellent written blog post and sending over to blogteam@huffingtonpost.com to be considered. If you are a great speaker, start a Youtube channel or submit speaker submissions at industry conferences. If your career is being a content creator, submit yourself in the Hispanic Influencer Marketing agency, AzucarCommunications.com , to be matched with brands that are willing to pay for your content. Whichever content tactic you choose, be consistent, distribute to your network and strive for quality.

3. Review and Optimize
Just like brands, our careers are in constant change. We need to evolve to adapt for new opportunities, keep strengthening our brand, and set new and bigger goals. Marketing strategy is not done once and you are set. It's an on-going process. Just as marketing a product, in order to assess whats the best next step, we need to have a thorough understanding of who we are in a given moment. Knowing ourselves, staying focused on our goals and striving to be better are essential to knowing how to move forward.

Tap into experts that can motivate you to be better and which you can learn from. First think about what you want to learn and then figure out the best person to inspire you. It could be a boss, a parent, a mentor, a colleague, a professor or a successful entrepreneur you can follow on Twitter, read his/her books or subscribe to his/her blog. It could also be a business consultant or career coach that breaks goals into smaller action items and provides you with focus and accountability. 

Ultimately, the goal is to make a living from mixing your skills, strengths and passions, thus creating a purposeful career that you feel happy to share with the world.

Which tip will you incorporate today to boost your career? share in comments below.

With Light,

Jun 28, 2014

Guest Post: Awaken To The Brand New You

Awaken To The Brand New You:

The Path to Reinventing Oneself


By Luis Soto, Jr.



What does it mean to be awake?


What is the path to reinventing oneself!


How does someone start the process of becoming awake?


These are the questions that make our soul realign with our purpose in life.


Picture yourself living your life as mundane as can be. All of a sudden, your inner voice asks you to start doing something new. Fears come when we decide to play a bigger game than the one we are playing now. Life is fascinating! There are many twists and turns that we take tofind ourselves. The journey begins when we feel a deeper calling that is congruent with our core beliefs and values.Before that can happen to us we must be willing to release our secret that has kept us in captivity all this time.


A secret is something that as kids, we would play and love to hide from each other. The only problem is, as we grow up and become adults, those same secrets start to control and dictate our choices and actions that lead us to never waking up from our dormant sleep of existence. The more unconscious we are about our secrets, the harder it will be to fully manifest our desires. What is required for us to wake up and live a purposeful life?


The first step is to have the willingness to grow from who you were to who you want to become.
Have the openness to experiment and try something new.
Nurture an attitude of gratitude for everything that you have in your life.
Stop making excuses and take full responsibility for everything that has transpired in your life.
Be willing to forgive yourself and others for all the mistakes of your past.
Start the process of transformation by saying YES I CAN to the universe!
Live life from a place of play versus fear of the unknown.
Begin to share your vision with the world of your perfect life.
Bathe in the present moment and relish in the now!
Try your best and don’t hold back from giving your all.




Luis Soto Jr is a Transformational Life Coach, author of the forthcoming book, Awaken to The Brand New You (The path to reinventing oneself), and a motivational speaker. www.newlifeliving.org.


Jun 21, 2014

Personal Branding in Spanish Came to Brooklyn with "La Marca Llamada TU @ Mojitos"

“La Marca Lamada Tu (The Brand Named You) was a chance for three self empowering Latina entrepreneurs to help the Latino community with empowering their own company and converting it into their personal brand.

Latina entrepreneurs excelling in different fields offered advice and discussion on how to help ones company become their personal brand. Publicist & Personal Branding Career Coach, Anllelic Lozada (www.anlleliclozada), Online Advertising Executive & New York Fashion Stylist IvonneCintron (www.theurbaniquin.com), and Hispanic Influencer Marketer and founder of Azúcar Communications (www.azucarcommunications.com), Natacha Ginocchio were amongst the panel.

Attendees spoke with the panel, shared success stories and were given tips on how to help their company become a unique brand. Raffles were also given away to a few lucky people. The event was held at Mojitos Cuban Cuisine in Brooklyn, New York where they enjoyed a special brunch menu created by Chef Maria Katalina Velez, owner of Mojitos.

Special guest DrNildra Perez, Speaker, Business Coach and  CEO and Founder of Aspire 4 Business a sub-division ofAspire 4 Life Inc. and author of ”The Leadership Shift: The Strategic Positioning of Latino Business Leaders” came and offered advice and successful tools needed for a Latina entrepreneur.

"Fue un placer conocer tantas personas que comparten lamisma mentalidad y la pasión para apoyar a la comunidadLatina."(It was a pleasure meeting so many people that share the same mentality and passion in supporting the Latin community) said Dr. Nilda Perez.

Jun 8, 2014

Secreto de Vida #57: La manera correcta de rezar

Ayer durante la conciencia de la semana antes de la lectura de la Torah en Shabbat, Michael Berg (uno de los lideres del Kabbalah Center y autor de varios libros de Kabbalah) hablo sobre un secreto muy practico y esencial: como debemos de pedirle a La Luz lo que necesitamos o queremos, atravez del rezo. 

En el post pasado, comparti la razon primordial del rezo y ahora voy un paso mas alla al compartir la manera mas impactante y correcta de hacerlo - no solo para el bien de nuestros pedidos pero tambien para el beneficio de la humanidad. 

Si, asi de poderoso es el rezo (o simplememte dialogar con Dios) y asi de poderoso es hacerlo de manera correcta. Aqui estan mis notas traducidas:

Todo lo que experimentamos (bueno o malo) no nos pertenece individualmente, no personalmente. Pero SI, colectivamente.

Esto quiere decir que cuando estamos pasando por algo negativo - una pena, por ejemplo - tenemos que saber que estamos probando una pena que otros tambien estan pasando. No es parte de nuestra historia personal. Es parte de una historia mas grande. 

El secreto de pedir correctamente es...

Cuando estamos pidiendo al Creador, no debemos pedir solo por nosotros. Pidamos por todos que estan pasando por lo mismo que nosotros. Pidamos que a ellos tambien se desaparezca la pena.  Removimiento de la negatividad, del dolor, de la pena...no individual pero colectivo. Asi es que realmente podemos crear milagros. 

Si rezamos para todos que estan pasando por lo mismo (por ejemplo: desear un nuevo trabajo, una tristeza que se alivie, desear una pareja) en vez de pedir solo para nosotros, no solo injectamos Luz para nosotros pero tambien afectamos al mundo entero.

Has estado rezando correctente? Comparte conmigo aqui abajo. Y recuerda que, El Creador desea que le hablemos y le pidamos ayuda. No tenemos que afrontar situaciones solos. 

Con Luz,

Jun 2, 2014

Secreto de Vida #56: El beneficio primordial del rezo

Haciendo mi meditacion diaria con la lectura del libro El Zohar, me tope con esta práctica interpretacion sobre el rezo.  ¿Porque es importante? Como explicado por el kabbalista Michael Berg en el libro en la seccion Beresheet:

El beneficio primordial de rezar [al Creador] es la habilidad de remover toda negatividad y atributos egocentricos de nuestra naturaleza humana. Este poder del rezo es activado cuando nuestra conciencia esta embuida con humildad y una sensacion de pobreza espiritual.

Y le añado...

Pobreza espiritual significa venir al Creador sabiendo que NO tenemos vista a largo plazo, por ende NO sabemos lo que nos conviene como El Creador lo sabe. Segundo, saber que NO podemos afrontar la vida solos. Necesitamos la ayuda de El Creador todos los dias, a cada momento. El quiere que le podamos ayuda. Nuestra responsabilidad es PEDIR su intervención y tener CERTITUD que El esta en control. Como El sabe lo que es mejor para nosotros, al final toda situación
 estara bien (y mejor) por peor que se vea la situación en el momento.

¿Tienes una practica de rezar?  ¿Un lugar designado en la casa? ¿Tienes rezos que acudes en ciertas circunstancias o prefieres rezar por medio de conversaciones con El Creador? Comparte conmigo aqui abajo.

Con Luz,

May 28, 2014

6 Personal Selling Lessons From Acapulco | 6 Lecciones de Ventas Directas Aprendidas en Acapulco

Last month I visited Acapulco for the first time. It was in my bucket list since, as a child, saw one of the movies of Mexican comedian, Cantinflas, titled "El Bolero de Raquel." I was surprised by the number of vendors selling everything, everywhere and at all times at the beach. I decided to do an experiment and for 30 minutes, I took pictures with my iPhone 5S of every vendor passing by next to my beach umbrella and chair. Enjoy!

El mes pasado visite Acapulco por primera vez. Siempre habia querido ir, desde que, de Niña, vi una de las peliculas del comediante Mejicano Cantinflas, "El Bolero de Raquel." Me sorprendio muchisimo la cantidad de vendedores vendiendo de todo, por todos lados y a cada hora. Decidi hacer un experimento y por 30 minutos retrate con mi iPhone 5S todo vendedor que pasaba exactamente alfrente de mi mientras disfrutaba de mi silla y sombrilla de sol. Disfruten!

1. Go where the customer is.

    Ve adonde este el consumidor.

2. Dedicate specific day(s) and time of day to focus on selling. Make it a routine.

    Dedica un tiempo en dia(s) y hora(s) especifico para la venta. Hazlo una rutina.

3. Be clear about what problem you are trying to solve to your customer.

    Se claro del problema que tratas de resolverle a tu cliente

4. You cant be everything to everybody. Specialize in the unique value proposition of your product and who's your best client.

     No puedes ser todo para todos. Especializate en el valor unico de tu producto/servicio y quien es tu cliente ideal.

5. Be friendly, not pushy.

    Se amistoso, pero no seas muy intenso.

6. Maximize your time and geography.
    Sacale el mejor provecho a tu tiempo y territorio.

Con Luz,

May 24, 2014

Dreams And The Big Apple

This past Wednesday, I attended the New York University (NYU) graduation of one of my best friends, who earned a Masters Degree in Social Work. 

Even though she wasn't very fond of the ceremony itself, I reminded her that the ceremony itself is a memory-maker. A memory is being created with the help of hearing your name up on the stage. On getting that "fake" diploma with a handshake. And the pictures (selfies included) taken with the gown that needed would be returned after the 2 hour ceremony. 

I loved looking around at the other graduates' faces and their families. They were proud.  They were happy for dreams coming true and the thought of new opportunities ahead.

It reminded me about my own grad school graduation from NSU exactly five years ago in Davie, Florida, where the only thing I could think of is the roadtrip the very next day I was going to embark with my mom and dad all the way from Miami to New York City. 

I was doing it...I was finally acting on my dream on living in the big city, with my Masters in Business Leadership in hand. I was going from dream to dream. Looking back, I appreciate it now even more than then.

We took the Miami-NYC roadtrip slow and stayed overnight along the way, and after five days of roadtrip, New York City welcomed us with heavy traffic in the Holland Tunnel. 

Because of the slow entrance, we were able to savor the moment of watching the NYC skyline getting closer. To make it even more memorable, we were also welcomed by a beautiful rainbow. A time later my mom confided that she was somewhat scared about my move, naturally, but the rainbow gave her a sense of peace. "Anllelic will be just fine," she thought. 

Last night, I was looking at my Career Coaching Mastery Program teacher's website, (very appropiately titled Surpass Your Dreams), and I stumbled upon Steve Job's infamous "Do What You Love" Stanford 2005 graduation speech, where he urges the students to pursue their dreams and to see opportunities in life's setbacks. 

Just a few nights before, I had seen the biopic movie Jobs, where I was pleasently surprised by Ashton Kutcher's portrayel of Steve acting on the same advice he was sharing with the graduation class. He walked, the walk and talked, the talk. 

The only way to be happy at what you do, he told in this speech, is doing what you love. And doing it well. 

In the movie and in numerous biographies and documentaries, Steve's love for Apple was such that he was as a maniac perfectionist, but that's exactly what made Apple successful. The attention to the littlest details. His ability to see the bigger picture.  To see beyond a keyboard. To dream big. And focus on it.

Graduation Day, NYC and Steve Jobs made me reflect about the importance on pursuing our dreams. 

If it wasnt for the pursue of dreams, we wouldnt have an Apple, a TOMS, a SpaceX, a Facebook or even a Google. 

The magic about dreams is that once one is attained, the high of the accomplisment can become addictive. You want another dream, then another, then another. Dreams should become more and get bigger.

I believe we can't afford not having dreams and even worse, having a dream and not even giving it a try because of our own fears. We owe it to ourselves. To our families. To the world.

Each and everyone of us has been given the experiences, resources, personalities - and even challenges - to help us grow and work towards our dreams. Everyday. Is a decision we have to take everyday. 

The world need our dreams. We cant cheat the world with our dreams.

The trick is to go after that first dream by figuring out the biggest value we can share with others, how to get to it and then focus on it. Relentlessly. Passionately. Celebrate it when attained. Be greatful for the opportunity. Share with others and go into the next dream.

The sooner we do this process, the better. The world is waiting.

Lets hold each other accountable. Im working now on my dream of becoming a career coach. Which dream are you working on? Share below!

With Light,